Credit card help solutions are available to consumers from many sources. There are certainly no shortage of individuals and companies who will offer any variety of claims to help in dealing with your credit card debt. It can be hard to decide where to turn for the best advice and real solutions. When researching your options in companies and services offering credit card help, it’s important to fully understand what options are available, what is required and how you can quickly get started on the path to financial recovery. You also want to be sure the service you are using is a trusted source that is not making unrealistic claims or who may put you further behind. If you have found yourself in need of credit card help, get the answers you need along with personalized guidance from Trident Debt Solutions – a small boutique firm led by bankruptcy attorney, Stephen T. Craig. Here you will get personal attention and in-depth advice. Turn to the trusted and knowledgeable resource that has worked with hundreds of people just like you who needed credit card help. Let us help you make sense of the options in credit card help.

Until recently, the debt relief industry was largely unregulated. Unfortunately, this opened the door for many less experienced and less knowledgeable services that were seeking to take advantage of this situation. For that reason consumers need to be wary of the choices and information provided on credit card help – there are still people who would not hesitate to take unfair advantage of those in desperate straits.

Denver Credit Card Debt Help

Those seeking credit card help may not know where to turn or more importantly, whom to trust.  A bit of due diligence on your part will go a long ways toward ensuring that you find the credit card help you need from a reputable, trustworthy source.

Your first step should be to visit the Better Business Bureau and check on the firm’s reviews. Until recently, the BBB would not even accept debt resolution firms as members or grant them accreditation. The fact that a firm does have BBB accreditation is a very good sign. However, be sure to find out if there have been any unresolved complaints against the company. Even the best firm may have a complaint or two against them, but if these have not been resolved – or if there is a large number of complaints on file – that is a warning sign.

Insist on getting three references from past clients.

You should also beware of firms that make unrealistic promises. For example, if a company claims they can remove negative information from your credit report that is nonetheless accurate, or offers to eliminate all of your debt without bankruptcy, you need to be skeptical.

Learn all you can about the people who will actually be assisting you with your credit card issues. What are their credentials? What experience do they have? The unfortunate truth is that virtually anyone can claim to be a “credit counselor” and hang out his or her shingle. Make certain these counselors have the training and experience to handle your case effectively. You best bet is to hire an attorney with debt settlement and bankruptcy experience.

Finally, learn all you can about any and all fees. A reputable firm will be very transparent on this score; you will be informed about all costs for services rendered and what these costs cover. These fees should also be reasonable and not interfere with your ability to pay off your obligations.