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  • One year ago my wife and I were struggling to meet our financial obligations. Because I had been laid off, we had fallen behind, and some of our credit card interest rates were almost 30% due to late payments. We were in a negative cash-flow situation and pretty desperate. Today, $31,980 of credit card debt has been settled for $20,042, including all fees. We saved $12,025, and we’re in a positive cash-flow situation again. Before we contacted Trident Debt Solutions, I did some research on companies offering consumer debt services and found that there are many charlatans offering “help.” We were very hesitant when we finally contacted Trident. It helped immensely when we spoke to Steve. As an attorney, he gave us a thorough analysis of our situation, and outlined the course of action we could take. We were able to make an informed decision, and today we are able to plan for our financial future with confidence. Trident Debt Solutions is a completely professional company that worked with us and for us to get back on our feet financially. I recommend their services without reservation.

    Bill & Melinda A.
  • Thank you Alex and Steve for all that you did. In six months we went from over $60,000 in debt to no debt. When we started with you our monthly credit card bills were so high, we would pay the minimum on the credit card and then use the credit card to live off of because we had no extra money. Thanks to your hard work and dedication we now can enjoy life with our two small children and start over.

    Christy J.
  • Thank you for assisting me in finding a solution to my substantial credit card indebtedness. I sincerely believe your knowledge and efforts enabled me to avoid personal bankruptcy. I particularly appreciate the level of friendly professionalism you provided to me at what I now see as a very reasonable fee under the circumstances. I will not hesitate to refer other people in credit difficulty to you because of the quality of the service you and Trident Debt Solutions provided during my debt restructuring and settlement efforts. Thanks again for a rewarding experience.

    Kristina E.
  • Thank you Alex, Steve and Trident Debt Solutions! Your help to my family and my business in a time of financial crisis was lifesaving. I was relieved to find a firm able to understand our unique situation and to find us a way out without filing for bankruptcy. Your negotiations with creditors and collection law firms were handled expertly. It’s nice to have you on our side. Thanks for exceeding my expectations and for making this experience as painless as possible given the circumstances!

    Beth S.
  • I was impressed with Steve and his staff’s professional and hands-on approach to solving my credit card debt problem. With their help I was able to get my debts settled within 10 months. A huge financial burden was lifted from my shoulders, and I am now building wealth again.

    Dean B.
  • I came to Trident with over $90,000 of credit card debt. Several factors attracted me to the firm. I researched dozens of firms before selecting Trident to help me with my problem debt. Most other firms wanted their fee up front without any guaranteed results. Even firms that had a mixture of fixed and results-driven fees wanted several thousand dollars up front. Trident was the only debt settlement company that derived all of their fees based on the amount of savings they negotiated. In addition to the fair and favorable fee structure, Trident is run by an experienced bankruptcy attorney who takes every situation and advises the best possible solution. Another important factor in my decision was that the firm was local and had offices in the Denver and Boulder area. Even the settlement amount was a significant amount of money and I wanted to meet Stephen Craig and his staff in person before writing any checks. The meetings were very informative. Even though they occurred during the busiest time right before the bankruptcy laws changed, Stephen spent a lot of time explaining debt settlement, bankruptcies, various other possible solutions, and even the tax implications of settled debt. Once I borrowed some money for Trident to start the negotiations, the whole process went very smoothly. Both Stephen and Alex were easily accessible to provide updates and the latest offers. In the end the negotiated amounts were better than I expected and I was able to settle all credit card debt very quickly. In just a few months after the settlement my credit score went up over 100 points and is getting very close to being in the ‘good’ range again. I want to recommend Trident to anyone with excessive credit card debt. The firm delivered on everything they promised and exceeded my expectations.

    Illya B.
  • My wife and I would like to thank you for all the work you and your staff did to eliminate over $80,000 worth of debt. You not only went over every option with us in detail regarding debt settlement or bankruptcy, you also treated us with respect and dignity in a period in our lives that was very difficult. In just 18 months we are now debt-free and on the road to recovery. We are very grateful for you and your staff. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is over their head in debt.

    Mike D.
  • I would like to take a moment to thank you, and your staff at Trident Debt Solutions, for helping to close the door on a very trying time for my business and for myself personally. Without the help of your services this past 18 months, I do not believe I could have stood up to the incessant hounding and demands of my creditors without being forced into bankruptcy. Your recommendation to ride this out with the assistance of your company rather than prematurely file for bankruptcy protection was certainly the right course to take. I would also like to applaud your ability to deliver on your promises. Given my tenuous financial condition at the start of this process I must admit that I was initially quite apprehensive about turning over such large sums of money for Trident to hold in a trust. My initial fears were unfounded. You personally had a calming and reassuring manner throughout this process which I found allowed me to “stand at arm’s length” and make reasoned decisions based on your recommendations. I also found that you were not only responsive to my calls but more importantly initiated the communication each time we faced an important decision point in the process. And in the final accounting Trident had not only met, but exceeded, all of your initial settlement projections. If past performance is any indication of future results, and I believe it is, I can say without reservation that I would recommend your service to anyone in need of legal counsel and debt negotiation services.

    Ben S.
  • I don’t know how you managed to settle my accounts at such a low rate. My records show that I paid my creditors an average of $0.39 on the dollar, which is amazing to me.

    David F.
  • Mr. Craig managed to decrease my credit card debt by 25% and avoided court proceedings in the process. He was very responsive in answering my phone messages and demonstrated diligence, integrity, and trustworthiness. He always dealt with me in an open and honest manner. I especially appreciate how personable he is and how at ease I felt with him. I would highly recommend him for any financial matters and would not hesitate to employ his services again myself.

    Richard B.