Trident Debt Solutions offers business debt settlement solutions for indebted small businesses. If you own a business and are looking for legal counseling regarding your debt consolidation options, give us a call. We specialize in non-bankruptcy debt relief options including business debt settlement. Essentially, we negotiate with your creditors to get you out of debt at a discount – typically 50 – 60 cents on the dollar including our fees. Our goal is to help you salvage your business by getting you out of debt quickly – within 24 months. We are happy to provide referrals of entrepreneurial clients who are now debt free.

Small Business Debt HelpIn most cases, once you are on a business debt management and consolidation plan that is tailored to your company’s needs and situation, we can help to get your business back on track within approximately twenty-four months. It’s possible for you to try and negotiate with your business creditors directly and attempt to come up with your own commercial debt settlement strategy. However, this is not advisable and may not yield the type of results a professional debt attorney can. The professionals at Trident Debt Solutions are trained attorneys with experience in legal matters relating to debt and bankruptcy. Having a licensed attorney representing you in such negotiations will place you in a much stronger position – and make it more likely that your creditors will negotiate with you.

To learn more about alternatives to closing your doors, contact Trident Debt Solutions today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. If we are not able to get your company out from under its obligations for at least sixty cents on the dollar, you will owe us nothing – and if we are unable to assist you, we can refer you to other sources that may be able to help.