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machol and Johannes logo stop collections pageAre You Receiving Letters or Phone Calls from Machol & Johannes?

If so, doing nothing is the worst possible option.  The debt will not go away and neither will Machol & Johannes. They will continue to pursue you with legal action and will get their money. But, there is hope. You have rights and option, and can often save a substantial amount of money in the process.

Can Machol & Johannes Garnish your Wages?

In Colorado, a creditor such as Machol & Johannes can garnish 25% of your wages, although some exceptions apply. But you don’t want it to get to that. You need to make a decision whether you can pay the debt in full or in part.

Have You Dealt with Machol & Johannes?

Yes. They are a prominent firm in collections and we deal with them on a frequent basis. We know both the law and what they can and will do.  And what they cannot do. Let our relationship with Machol & Johannes be your asset.

Our Goal is Get You Back on Track

The goal of our debt settlement program is to get you out of debt within a relatively short amount of time (18 months or less), at a significantly reduced cost, without having to file bankruptcy. When you enroll in our debt settlement program, you’ll be able to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If your answer to most or all of these questions is yes, then debt settlement could be a great option for you. We’ll go over your specific circumstances with you to help determine whether you’re a good candidate for our debt settlement program.

Why Choose Trident?

Trident is one of the very few debt collection settlement companies in the nation that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and with an A+ BBB rating.  The fact that Trident has been accredited is your assurance that our company adheres to the highest ethical standards. The company was founded and is operated by an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a strong reputation and proven track record going back twenty years.

Call us today at 303-872-8492 to speak with a debt collection settlement attorney in dealing with Machol & Johannes and other debt collectors.

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