With so many companies out there to choose from in terms of settling your debt, it’s natural to wonder, “How do I know who is reputable and who isn’t?” I think there are a few basic ways you can find out. One is to look at the Better Business Bureau website to find debt settlement companies that have a good rating and have no complaints filed against them. Another thing you can do is look at the Colorado Attorney General’s website to see whether they recommend any non-attorney debt settlement firms. With respect to attorneys, you can always call the Colorado Bar Association to confirm that they are licensed attorneys in good standing.

One very effective method of finding out about a firm’s reputability is simply to ask for references. This is one thing that many people don’t think of doing. If you’re dealing with a reputable company, they should have numerous satisfied clients who would be happy to speak on the company’s behalf. If a company can’t or won’t provide you with client references, I would steer clear of them. So more than anything else, I would recommend that you speak to a firm’s previous clients to get a real sense of what they would be like to deal with.