Do you want to get of debt? If you have at least $30,000 or more in outstanding credit card debt you may qualify for services by which you can lower your balances by up to 50% and get it paid off in as little as eighteen months, without filing bankruptcy.

If you are unable to pay your debts when they come due, the other major option is bankruptcy. If you file a bankruptcy under Chapter 7, your debts are discharged, giving you a clean slate and the creditors nothing.

Debt Settlement with Trident Debt Solutions

Creditors understand this, and usually would rather get half a loaf rather than none at all. Therefore, in order to avoid having these accounts discharged, they are often willing to negotiate a settlement and allow the debtor to pay between .65 and .50 on the dollar. The key to these negotiations is to have representation from a legal professional who has experience in the areas of finance and bankruptcy.

To get started on a debt-free life today, contact Trident. If you are suffering from financial hardship, have savings or liquid assets equivalent to 50-60% of your total outstanding debts (or can raise that amount within 18 months) and are able to make monthly payments of at least 2% of the total, chances are good that you will qualify for our program.