Fee Structure

fee structure alone will tell you whether you are dealing with a reputable company

When you are choosing a debt settlement firm, it is critical that you understand not only how much the firm will charge, but also how and when they will do so.

When you work with Trident Debt Solutions to negotiate your debt settlement, you are not required to pay any up-front fees. Our fees are simple: We charge you 25% of the savings we negotiate for you, after the settlement is complete. And we don’t get paid unless we get results: If we don’t save you at least 30% of your debt, we’ll charge you no fees at all. This fee structure means that our incentive is aligned with yours, so you can be assured that we’ll work hard to negotiate the very best deal for you.

You have the option of referring your creditor calls to attorney Stephen Craig, in which case we will charge you a flat fee of $100 per creditor. (If you have more than one credit card with the same company, we consider this to be just one creditor.) This nominal fee effectively stops all creditor calls to you during the course of your debt settlement program.

In contrast, many debt settlement companies charge clients large up-front fees that are typically based on a percentage of the total debt owed. The harsh truth is that because those companies get their money up front, they have little to no incentive to work hard for you. In fact, many of the debt settlement scams you may have read about had to do with companies who took their clients’ money up front and then disappeared, leaving those clients in worse straits than they were before. New regulations designed to put an end to such rip-offs have made it illegal for non-law firm debt settlement companies to charge this kind of up-front fees. However, it’s now commonplace for unscrupulous companies to get around those regulations by putting a single attorney on staff—most likely one that seldom if ever gets involved with client cases.

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