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Debt settlement attorney Stephen Craig recognizes that contrary to popular belief, most people do not wind up incurring large amounts of credit card debt simply because they went on shopping sprees or are wildly irresponsible with their finances. As a debt settlement attorney who has worked personally with hundreds of hard working families, he understands that credit card debt often results from emergency expenses or a sudden and unforeseen loss of income. If you have found yourself in a situation where credit card debt has become overwhelming and are ready to take back control, it’s time to seek the advice, knowledge and expertise of a debt settlement attorney who is on your side.

These days, its often a real possibility that regardless of who you are and what income status you have, you may require the help of a debt settlement attorney.  When faced with this situation, you have to make some tough decisions, some of which are one of two choices: bankruptcy or debt negotiation and settlement.  Trident’s debt settlement attorneys can help you understand these choices and discuss how they will impact you as you plan to return to a debt free life.

A Debt Settlement Attorney with the Tools to get you Back on Track

The debt settlement lawyers at Trident Debt Solutions are trained and experienced debt lawyers. When seeking debt help, they offer valuable insights and a breadth of knowledge that is unmatched in this area of the law. When you want real relief from a trusted source, you need Trident’s debt settlement attorney’s on your side.  In most cases they can get you back on track financially and are prepared to give you the most current and sound advice available. Consider the following criteria, and decide if you may benefit from the services a Trident debt settlement attorney has to offer.

If you meet one or more of the following criteria, you may qualify for debt help:

  • Have unsecured debt of $30,000 or more
  • Experienced economic hardship
  • Can make payments of at least 2-3% of total credit card balances during that time

Contact a Debt Settlement Attorney Who Can Help in Settling Your Financial Burdens

Those suffering deep financial crisis, have many questions and concerns on the process of debt settlement, including how it will affect their credit standing. The answer is “yes” it will have an effect – but in most cases, it is preferable to bankruptcy, which remains on a credit report for ten years.

When Contacting a Debt Settlement Attorney is an Option – and When it’s Not

The key to having a debt lawyer negotiate a settlement for you is having unsecured bank debt.  This is considered to be:

  • Credit card debt
  • Revolving charge accounts
  • Bank lines of credit not secured by your home

In these cases, settlement is a good option – particularly if the consumer is facing bankruptcy as a result. These creditors would rather get something than nothing, which would be the case if the credit card debt were discharged under bankruptcy.

There are debts that cannot be discharged under bankruptcy. These include:

  • home mortgages
  • back taxes
  • student loans

Nor can a debt attorney settle these debts. Individuals in this situation do have some options, however. These include home loan modifications under the federal HAMP program, an offer-in-compromise to the IRS, and certain income-sensitive repayment programs for student loans. If you do not qualify for debt settlement through Trident Debt Solutions, one of our debt lawyers can refer you to a legal professional an appropriate legal professional.

Why Choose Trident Debt Solutions?

Trident is one of the very few debt settlement services in the nation that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and with an A+ BBB rating.  For many years, the BBB would not even allow debt settlement companies to join, and even today, the process is exceedingly difficult. The fact that Trident has been accredited is your assurance that our company adheres to the highest ethical standards. The company was founded and is operated by an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a strong reputation and proven track record going back twenty years.

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