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Contrary to popular media perception, relatively few people who fall into credit card debt wound up that way because of irresponsible spending habits. The majority wound up having to use credit cards to pay off unexpected medical bills, get through times of unemployment and other emergencies.

While unsecured debt can be discharged in bankruptcy, there are other alternatives that won’t haunt you for ten years. An experienced attorney at Trident Debt Solutions can show you how to become debt free in two years or less. As long as you have $30,000 minimum debt (required) and either have a lump sum equal to 50-60% of your total indebtedness – or can reasonably expect to raise that amount within 18 months – you can qualify for our program.

Here are some good reasons to use Trident Debt Solutions:

Our Founder is an Expert Attorney. Until recently, the company dealing in credit card debt relief for consumers was part of a completely unregulated industry. Anyone could hang out a shingle and claim to offer “debt relief.”  Even today, many of these firms are run by people who have very little experience in the legal issues surrounding bankruptcy and debt resolution. Trident’s CEO Stephen Craig has represented more than 3000 clients in bankruptcy proceedings and has a thorough understanding of the law, including tax consequences that may arise from debt settlement. In addition, having representation from an experienced lawyer makes it more likely that your creditors will give you the best settlement.

Trident is BBB Accredited. Our firm was required to go through an extensive, rigorous process in order to earn BBB accreditation. This has been extended to only a very small handful of debt solution firms because of industry abuses prior to regulation. In addition to BBB accreditation, Trident has an “A+” rating.

Fee Structure: You should be aware that Trident’s fee structure works differently than the typical debt settlement company. Our fee is based on how much we actually save you, not the total amount of your debt. This means that we make money based on our performance – and it leads to significant savings for you.

How You Realize Savings. For example, an individual with $50,000 in outstanding credit card debt will be charged anywhere from 15-21% of that full amount by the average debt settlement company. This means a fee of $7500 to $10,500. Our fee is 25-30% of what we save you, not your total outstanding debt. If we are able to settle your debt for 60-cents on the dollar, our fee would be between $5000 and $6000 – a significant difference.

Shorter Duration.  Our debt relief program is shorter than most. This means that you will get additional savings on interest (which is still charged on outstanding balances) and will be motivated to stay on the program because the end is more easily in sight.

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Start Your Debt Free Life Today!