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The experienced attorneys at Trident Debt Solutions understand that most people who fall into debt don’t wind up that way because they lived beyond their means. In the vast majority of cases, it has to do with the unexpected: sudden medical costs, a job loss, an unforeseen emergency or some other event beyond one’s control. Unfortunately, that credit card debt doesn’t go away once circumstances have improved. With the right program, however, our company can offer you a solution that doesn’t require bankruptcy.

You have no doubt heard about debt reduction services advertised on television and radio. There are many such services available, but here are some reasons why you should call on Trident first.

BBB Accreditation: Companies that offer credit card debt settlement  programs are held to a much more stringent standard by the Better Business Bureau. In fact, until recently, such companies were not even eligible for accreditation because of the abuses that took place prior to the enactment of industry regulations. Trident Debt Solutions was among the first not only to be accredited by the BBB, but also to earn an “A+” rating from that organization.

Attorney Managed: Stephen Craig, founder and CEO of Trident Debt Solutions, is an experienced lawyer who has represented over 3000 clients before the federal bankruptcy court.  As a legal expert, Mr. Craig personally screens every prospective client and reviews each individual case. If accepted, the client is assured of Mr. Craig’s full attention and personal management. This is unlike most large companies that offer unsecured debt reduction and settlement services; even when these companies claim to be “attorney run and managed,” chances are that the attorney is a novice fresh out of law school with little real-world experience who has been hired by the company.

Having expert representation from an experienced lawyer means you will:

  • get the best debt reduction advice
  • know all of your options
  • understand possible tax ramifications
  • have your legal rights protected and enforced
  • be taken seriously by your creditors

Fair Fee Structure: Unethical companies that offer relief from credit card debt usually base their fees on the total amount of your debt – and frequently charge over 20%, regardless of how much they save you.  The best firms base their fees on the percentage of your actual savings – typically between 25 and 30%. This way, the company has a true incentive to make sure you get the best possible settlement. This means:

Savings: It may seem counter-intuitive until you actually look at the numbers. Let’s suppose that your unsecured debt is $50,000. A company charging you 20% of that is going to receive $10,000 whether they save you a little or a lot. Trident could settle that amount for $25,000 which results in a 50% reduction for you. Based on a fee of 25% of your actual savings you would pay $6250. This is a better deal all around; not only is your fee less, it is an incentive for us to get you the best possible settlement.

Shorter Duration: For the majority of our clients, we can come up with a program that will eliminate your unsecured debt in 24 months or less. Most companies come up with longer plans that may last up to five years. Beyond the fact that a shorter duration will save you on interest, you’ll be able to stay more motivated when you can see the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.”

30 K Minimum Debt Required: If your outstanding credit card debt exceeds $30,000, Trident Debt Solutions can help with your debt reduction. If you believe you can qualify, please contact or call us at 303-872-8492 today.

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