Credit Card Debt Payoff

Negotiating a Credit Card Debt Payoff

Credit Card Debt PayoffDo you have a large amount of credit card debt that you need to pay off? For the many individuals who want help in paying off credit card debt, the Trident debt settlement firm is prepared with the resources to assist you in negotiating a payoff. Contact an experienced debt attorney who can assess your financial situation and give you the in-depth advice you need to successfully negotiate credit card payoff. Trident Debt Solutions is the recognized authority in Denver and Boulder for clients seeking to negotiate credit card debt. Debt attorney Steve Craig is prepared with valuable legal and financial advice to help you make the best informed decisions regarding paying off credit card debt. Having provided assistance to Denver and Boulder, Colorado clients for a more than 20 years, he can successfully help you with your debt settlement needs.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney with more than twenty years of experience working with bankruptcy law and negotiating credit card payoff, Steve Craig is the founder and leader of Trident Debt Solutions. He has helped hundreds of customers, who will readily account for his committed service in successfully helping them with credit card payoff negotiations. At Trident Debt Solutions, each client is guaranteed to receive personalized service and expert assistance from a skilled Colorado debt attorney.

The Process of Credit Card Debt Negotiation

Craig will begin the process by listening to your situation and discussing your financial history. Clients are then given candid and honest advice in the options that are available to assist them with credit card payoff. Some clients may prefer debt consolidation. However, many clients can benefit from Craig’s expert ability to negotiate credit card payoff with creditors. Throughout the process a clients’ financial health and sense of security are preeminent in dealing with credit card payoff negotiations with the client’s creditors. You can expect to settle debts for as low as 50 or 60 cents per dollar owed.

When you bring Trident Debt Solutions into the debt settlement process, they will personally oversee the credit card payoff negotiation. You will no longer need to handle phone calls with aggressive creditors. Working with an experienced firm like Trident Debt Solutions will allow you to finalize your debt with your creditors and stop getting harassing phone calls. Trident Debt Solutions will work with creditors to quickly resolve your debt so that you can rebuild your financial life.

Your Guarantee

Craig has established himself in the debt resolution field for the last two decades. The Better Business Bureau has also signified the trust in Craig’s organization through an A+ rating. Trident Debt Solutions stands behind their commitment to assist clients in the most substantial manner possible. They offer a guarantee to all customers that if they cannot save them at least 30% of their total unsecured debt, they will not charge a thing. If you would like to begin the process of paying off your credit card debt and you want to travel on the road to financial recovery, contact Trident Debt Solutions at 303-872-8492.

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