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About Trident Debt Solutions

Financial Consulting & Debt Settlement

Having a lot of debt is a stressful position to be in. Not knowing what to do about it makes it worse — as does not knowing who to turn to for help. As an attorney-managed firm, Trident has a reputation for results and the legal expertise to give you peace of mind and protection from your creditors.

We take a look at your financial situation and give you an impartial assessment of all your available options. We’ll walk you through your options for eliminating your debt, and we’ll also provide you with client references who can share their debt

settlement experience with you.

With Trident Debt Solutions you receive the experience and knowledge of a large firm combined with the attention and care of a personal advisor. You won’t ever be passed off to an assistant and will always get a high level of service and personalized attention from an expert debt settlement lawyer and credit card debt negotiator.

Meet Stephen T. Craig

Trident Debt Solutions Founder & Attorney, a Recognized Expert in the Fields of Debt Relief & Bankruptcy Law

With Trident Debt Solutions, you’re not just hiring a financial consultant – you’re hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Steve Craig. A licensed bankruptcy attorney who has worked personally with hundreds of hard-working families, Steve is a recognized expert in the field of debt resolution and firmly believes in giving you the personal attention you deserve.

Steve and his team will be up-front with you about whether debt settlement is the best route for you to take, and we’ll help you find alternatives if debt settlement is not your best option. And we’ll be with you from start to finish. If we’re not confident that we can see you through the entire debt settlement process, we will tell you — and we can refer you to alternative resources.

A Top Rated Debt Settlement Company

Trident Debt Solutions stands among the best rated debt settlement companies in America

Trident Debt Solutions is a financial consulting and debt settlement firm founded and led by attorney Stephen T. Craig, a recognized expert in the fields of debt relief and bankruptcy law.
We’re not a consumer credit counseling firm, nor are we your typical debt settlement firm. Rather, we’re a small boutique firm that focuses on helping people with large amounts of unsecured debt negotiate settlements with their creditors to get out of debt for significantly less than they owe. And that is what debt settlement is all about — paying off your debts at a fraction of the total amount you owe.

BBB Gold Star Winner

Fully accredited BBB debt settlement company with an A+ rating

  • We are a small firm committed to giving every client personalized service. Mr. Craig personally handles each case and is easily accessible, so you can always reach us to find out exactly what is going on with your case.
  • We guarantee our results: If we don’t save you more than 30% of your total unsecured debt, we’ll charge you nothing.
  • Our debt settlement program is designed to get you out of debt rapidly, and can usually be completed within 18 months.
  • We specialize in negotiating extremely favorable debt settlements for people with large amounts of unsecured debt.
  • Your case will be managed by an experienced debt and bankruptcy attorney, which gives you practical leverage against your creditors and levels the playing field in the event you get sued.
  • We make sure you’re confident about your decision to use us as your debt settlement firm, providing you with client references who can share their debt settlement experience with you.