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Trident Debt Solutions Stands Among the Best Rated Debt Settlement Companies

Trident Debt Solutions understands that you have many choices when it comes to debt settlement. We offer our record of service and professionalism to highlight us as one of the best-rated debt settlement companies in the country. When considering the best debt settlement companies, give us a call and find out why we stand alone in the field of credit card help and debt settlement. We look forward to discussing your financial situation and helping you to find the best debt relief solution. Our record of top service has resulted in high ratings and reviews from many satisfied clients. We firmly believe we provide the best service in the industry and encourage you to take the time to learn more about why we are among the best debt settlement companies in Colorado and beyond.

BBB Accreditation with A+ Rating
Trident Debt Solutions is one of only two debt settlement companies in the state of Colorado to receive accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For many years, the industry was completely unregulated. As a consequence, debt-settlement scams were rampant, and the BBB would not even allow debt settlement companies to join the organization. It was only after laws regulating the industry were enacted that firms such as ours were able to apply for accreditation – and debt settlement companies are help to a much higher standard.

To obtain Debt Settlement BBB accreditation, Trident Debt Solutions underwent a thorough third part review which required they:

  • obtain formal approval from the Colorado State Attorney General
  • testify before the Grievance and Standards Committee
  • undergo an thorough review and investigation of all claims made on our website
  • provide full disclose of all terms of service and associated fees
  • provide verifiable references from clients

This process is a testament that Trident Debt Solutions meets and exceeds the highest standards of ethics.

Highly Qualified Advice from a Professional Attorney
Company founder and CEO Stephen T. Craig is an experienced bankruptcy attorney with several years’ experience in the field of debt relief. Ours is not a debt counseling firm; what you receive at Trident is solid legal advice and solutions that will get you debt-free within 36 months.

Attentive and Personalized Service
Trident is a small, “boutique” firm with a limited clientele. This means that you will get personalized, individualized service that is not available anywhere else. If we cannot assist you in resolving your debt issues, we will tell you – and refer you to legal experts that can advise you in your specific issues.

National Recognition
Trident Debt Solutions has been listed among the top rated debt settlement companies nationwide. This is based on actual consumer comments and votes from the online community at The-Top-Tens.com

Top Reviews and Accolades From Our Clients
From a former business owner:
“Steve Craig’s successful negotiations and settlement of my large credit card debt (connected to business closing) far exceeded all expectations. He did everything he said he was going to do, and even better.”

From a single mother of two:
“Steve…spoke to me and calmed my nerves he went right to work and started negotiations. Soon after Steve came back to me with a settlement out of this world.”

From a homeowner:
“Mr. Craig and associates reviewed my challenging finances and within a year worked out the best solution for the 9+ creditor issues.”

Contact one of the Most Highly Rated Debt Settlement Companies Today!
At Trident, we guarantee results. Let us show you first hand why we believe we are the best debt settlement service in the state. If we are not able to help you in settling your debts, we’ll tell you and refer you to other resources such as for IRS debt. If you are dealing with an IRS debt you may want to read tax relief company reviews and find a good partner for IRS help.